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Sura At-Takathur :

1. The piling up diverts you,

2. Until you visit the graves.

3. Verily, but you shall soon know.

4. Again, verily but you shall soon know.

5. Verily, were you to know with certainty,

6. You will certainly see the Hell-fire!

7. Again, you will see it with certainty of sight!

8. Then shall you be questioned that Day concerning pleasure.


Imam Ibn Kathir’s Explanation

The piling up diverts you, until you visit the graves.

Allah says that the love of this world occupies your time along with its pleasures and its beauties so that you have no leisure to think about the Hereafter and you remain in pursuit of these pleasures until death comes to you, when you visit the graves and become their inhabitants.

It is narrated on the authority of Zaid Ibn Aslam, from his father that the Messenger of Allah…

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