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Laghw and Rafath are important and even more so during the month of Ramadan. It is a month greater than any other, one capable of changing lives around and being a starting point in the deen for so many. Why would we pass on such a huge chance to right so many wrongs.

Laghw refers to anything that is unrealistic and basically a waste of time. This could include playing games, watching movies or meaningless conversations, back biting, slander and so on. Rafath is any action or saying that expresses or implies sexual desires or urges. These should be avoided especially in the month of Ramadan.

Both Laghw and Rafath have been prohibited for the fasting person and must be refrained from. Similarly, we should also avoid quarreling, using foul and abusive words; and if a fasting person comes across anyone who does these, we must show patience and avoid such a person. Likewise, bearing false witness, telling lies and cheating people are things the fasting person must avoid.

We must always remember the following sayings of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW):

“Whosoever doesn’t give up speaking falsely, and acting on those lies and evil actions, Allah does not care for his abstaining from eating and drinking (Allah will not accept his fasting).” – Bukhari

“How many fasting persons will perhaps get nothing from their fast but hinger, and how many who get up for night prayer will perhaps get nothing from their standing except sleeplessness.” – Ad-Darimi